Why SnackFolio?


Ever since the beginning I wanted to make the application simple and fast. I was not interested in recipes, social features or various grouping of foods throughout the day. And I also wanted full access to my data. And offline support for logs. Since the big apps were lacking one or more of these requirements, I decided to build my own.

How to make the most out of SnackFolio

This app was designed with the purpose of providing the necessary metrics for correctly assessing your weight loss (or gain) based on nutrition trends. Therefore it is highly encouraged that you don’t miss logging any food and that you weigh yourself daily. If this is your first experience with a calorie tracking application, it is highly recommended that you first establish the habit of tracking your food. Once this is set you can start making small adjustments and see their effect.

SnackFolio works best if:

  • you are diligent with tracking your food (even approximations are way better than nothing)
  • you create meals in the app so that you can quickly log them
  • you have an Apple Watch or some other device that tracks your burned energy throughout the entire day (SnackFolio can be configured to either account for or disregard this)
  • you weigh yourself daily

SnackFolio is not for you if:

  • you are looking for full meal plans and recipe ideas
  • you don’t know English (the food database is in English only, even if there might be local foods available)
  • you are not using the metric system (all measurements are in grams, body weight in KG) - at least for now


There are no training wheels. You are responsible for logging your data, setting your goals and sticking to them. If you want to set a daily goal of 100 kcal, you can do so. The same goes for a 8000 kcal target.

SnackFolio's caretaker