Privacy Policy

SnackFolio is designed to minimize the handling of user data. However, given the application’s purpose and functionality, there is some mandatory information that is being collected from the users.

1.0 Information Collected

For the purpose of calorie tracking, SnackFolio collects the following data. All the data is also synced to

1.1 Apple HealthKit information

If this is allowed by the user through the application’s settings, the following data is being used by the iOS application (and also synced to

  • active calories burned per day
  • last body weight measurement per day

1.2 Food logging information

Based on the app’s normal usage, the consumption logs are stored locally in the application (and also synced to These include:

  • name of food
  • quantity
  • date and time of log

1.2 User created data

Since SnackFolio allows the addition of meals and foods, this information is also stored locally in the application (and synced to This includes:

  • name of the food/meal
  • macronutrient information (kcals, fats, carbs, protein)
  • photo of food
  • other relevant data added upon creation

2.0 What Personal Information we collect about you and how we collect it

All users of SnackFolio require an Apple ID in order to sign into the mobile application or This procedure provides SnackFolio with the user’s email address (optionally obfuscated by Apple, based on the user’s option) and name upon registration. There is no usage of the name and/or email address other than for display purposes (e.g. “you are logged in as John Doe”).

2.1 Third Parties we collect information from

There are no third parties that your data is shared with.

3.0 Options available to you, as the data subject

Since being the subject of the data you generate, you are entitled to the following options.

  • request a full export of all your data from SnackFolio. For this, simply reach out.
  • request a complete removal of all your data from SnackFolio (along with terminating your usage of SnackFolio). For this, select the Delete Account option from the Settings tab, in the SnackFolio iOS app.

4.0 How the data is stored and secured

The iOS application stores all data in the local filesystem on the device. Everything that is synced to is protected via the same Apple account login.